Peter Parker, aka our friendly neighborhood wall crawler and interloper, possibly did not need the harsh lessons in life had he stayed away from that radioactive spider. Think about it, Parker was a handsome, mature, responsible, mild mannered individual with all the traits of your first boyfriend or a good homely husband. Plus, he is academically gifted and would end up with a decent paying job in a research lab. So, why in heaven’s name would all these twists and turns take place that would put Parker’s life in turmoil? I mean who would want to have an everyday schedule of eat, sleep, fight super powered villains, save the planet, make sure not to die, repeat…. right? Exactly!!!

So, was it the decision to attend the science convention, or was it the fault of the janitor in the building who missed that itsy-bitsy spider in the corner? Of course, an insect knows no better than to jump straight into a fission-fusion experiment, right? I guess this is a question that even the late great Stan Lee would scratch his head on.

But wait! There is an answer. And it’s simple. We needed Spider-man. If none of this would have happened, we would not have gotten Spider-man. We would not have seen the wall crawler’s acrobatics, or the diabolical plans of Norman Osborn, Mysterio, Dr. Octopus, etc. to take over the world. 

This teaches us an important lesson in life. There is an omnipresent hero that lies within all of us. Whenever we face hardships and obstacles in life, we hope for that superhero in us to come out and take control of our situation, give us strength to push through and persevere, and finally to succeed. You will be amazed what you are capable of doing, much like the building hopping gyrations of Spider-man; all you need is self-belief. We all have great responsibilities to live up to in our lives, but we must not forget that there is also a great power within us that helps us to take on such responsibilities and live our lives, no different than superheroes